Monday, 30 January 2012

BMO 认为加拿大房市是气球,而非泡沫

BMO 首席经济师 Sherry Cooper 认为,加拿大房市顶多是个气球, 可能会慢慢泄气,而非会大幅破灭的泡沫。
1。 利息突然升高
2。 加拿大进入经济衰退期
3。 亚洲经济衰退,造成国外买家大幅减少

大傻 认为, 第一点是迟早会发生的事。 而第二点及第三点则正在我们眼前发生中。

另外消息,这位首席经济师 Sherry Cooper 现在正在卖她在多伦多3百万的房地产。 
[BMO denies housing bubble]
The Bank of Montreal poured cold water on the idea Canada’s housing market could be headed for a crash, suggesting that prices are only “moderately high across the country.”
“Expect the housing boom to cool rather than crash,” BMO’s chief economist Sherry Cooper and senior economist Sal Guatieri said in a report published Monday.
The bank does note, however, three risks to the outlook.
1. A sudden hike in interest rates,
2. a widespread Canadian recession, or
3. an economic slowdown in Asia reducing the number of foreign buyers would all take the air out of Canada’s housing market.
“But barring one of these triggers, however, a dramatic correction is unlikely,” the bank said.

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