Monday, 23 January 2012

加拿大央行: "加国某些房地产市场估值过高"

1月22日 - 央行总裁Mark Carney 在周日CTV电视台访问时公开承认,加拿大"某些"房市呈现价格过热,高估的现象,若此现象继续下去,"我相信有关部门(暗指财长 Flaherty) 将采取一定措施来冷却房市。  我们将密切观察。"

大傻继续认为,财长在3月宣布政府预算期间,有很大可能将进一步缩紧房贷。而缩紧的手段,有可能是基本的缩短偿还期, 或是影响较大的增加首付。  也有可能是减少CMHC保障比例,强迫银行承担更多的风险 (以保护纳税人)。

Some Canada property markets likely overvalued: BoC

Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:09pm EST

Some parts of the Canadian real estate market are "probably overvalued" and policymakers are monitoring to see if further steps are needed to cool it, the head of the country's central bank said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.
It was the second time in recent days that Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney voiced concern about property prices, which surged after the financial crisis as borrowing costs tumbled.
"We see that in a number of real estate markets in Canada, valuations are at a minimum, firm; in others, they're probably overvalued. So there are risks there. We're watching it closely. We're working with our partners, the federal government, the superintendent of financial institutions," he said in an interview on "Question Period" on CTV.
"Measures have been taken. They've been effective. We'll keep up that vigilance. If more needs to be done, I'm sure the appropriate authorities will take those measures."

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