Wednesday 20 May 2015

re: the West Van dismemberment murder of Mr. Gang Yuan.

Global News

the Chinese media already dug out a lot of details, including this news piece in Province
“Richmond couple wants to talk to their neighbours about trimming a hedge, but nobody’s home…ever”
“No one will talk to us and no one will tell us who the owners are,” said Brian Cooper, 62, who has lived in the 5500-block Cathay Road for 37 years.
“If the owner is ever located, the Coopers would like to talk about trimming the hedge, which is undermining their stone wall.”
“You buy a $2-million house and you can’t even spend $200 on a gardener?” asked Linda Cooper.
The home is located in a 1960s-era subdivision of West Richmond that has filled up with 5,000-square-foot homes on double-sized 10,000-square-foot lots. It sold in 2011 for $1.4 million.
“According to real estate agent Melissa Wu, whose listing is on the property, it was recently sold for $2.3 million to an undisclosed buyer.”

Well, Mr Yuan was the one who purchased the property. He was already deceased before Province published the article.

Other details:
1. Mr Yuan is Mr Zhao’s brother-in-law. Mr. Yuan paid for the $5M West Van mansion but had it registered under Mr. Zhao’s name. “The Zhaos were registered as the owners for “legitimate tax reason”” as per Yuan’s lawyer.

2. Mr Yuan owned:
– 7500 acres of agriculture land in Regina
– one of his properties is worth $14M
– two cars worth $600k
– $9.9M worth of business deal in progress

“The lawyer also alleged that Zhao’s daughter Florence, who starred on Vancouver reality show Ultra Rich Asian Girls, wrongly claimed some of Yuan’s wealth was her own on the series.
“She pretend to own Mr. Yuan’s assets, including an island called Pym Island, his Rolls Royce, and his house in Vancouver””