Thursday, 15 December 2011

TD Bank CEO Ed Clark 建议加拿大政府再次缩紧房贷政策

TD Bank CEO Ed Clark 建议加拿大政府再次缩紧房贷政策。
12月14日 Globe & Mail

Mr Clark 认为把最长偿还期从30年进一步缩减为25年, 是可能的选择。

Less than a year after Ottawa forced the banking sector to cut back on risky mortgage lending, the head of one of Canada’s biggest banks says the federal government should go even further.

Ed Clark, the chief executive officer of Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD-T72.40-0.66-0.90%), said in an interview that he believes Ottawa could tighten the rules on housing loans more than it already has, without hurting the economy or putting the housing market at risk.

Mr. Clark believes cutting the maximum length on federally insured mortgages to 25 years, from 30 years, would be a good step to slow rising household debt, which hit a new record this week, surpassing that of the United States and Britain.

Greater Fool 个人认为,明年春季政府再次缩紧房贷的可能性为65%。

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