Thursday, 22 December 2011

加拿大消费者信心指数,两年半来最低。 BC 跌幅名列前茅,连跌3个月

12月22日新闻:加拿大消费者信心指数,两年半来最低。 BC 跌幅名列前茅,连跌3个月
-  这数据代表加拿大,尤其是BC省的经济将面临严重打击。 有与08-09年的大衰退相当的可能。
The Ottawa think-tank said Thursday its Index of Consumer Confidence posted a 6.5-point drop in December, bringing 2011 to a "disappointing" close and signalling that further belt-tightening by Canadians is in store.
"We've always seen a link between the consumer confidence level today and consumer spending six months down the road," said board economist Todd Crawford in an interview.

Consumer confidences is down nearly 10 per cent — a drop of 6.5 points to 69.9 on an index where the level in 2002 is bench-marked at 100 — according to the Conference Board of Canada. This is the lowest level since the depth of the recession in mid 2009.
British Columbia alone dropped 10.4 points.
British Columbia registered a third consecutive monthly decline, and confidence also dropped in Ontario and Quebec, the heart of Canada's manufacturing sector.

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