Thursday, 22 December 2011

IMF 警告,加拿大房市过热。 政府应考虑采取进一步缩紧房贷措施

IMF 在12月22日的最新报告再次警告, 加拿大房市过热,至少高估10%。
IMF 建议财政部长考虑进一步缩紧房贷,譬如减少最长偿还期或是增加最低首付。

IMF casts nervous eye on Canadian housing market
Canada’s average home price is about 10 per cent higher than models suggest it should be, posing a “vulnerability” to the country’s economic outlook because a drop in prices would be a blow to already highly indebted consumers, the International Monetary Fund warns in a new report.
With household debt at about 150 per cent of disposable income, the domestic spending boom that helped Canada weather the financial crisis already is at its limits.
Policy makers should continue to watch developments in the mortgage market closely, the fund says. Lending for homes has slowed, but still is a growing at a “robust” pace of almost 7 per cent, the report says. Finance Minister should be ready to take stops to slow borrowing further if home lending continues to expand excessively, such as larger down-payment requirements for mortgages and demanding lower debt service-to-income ratios, the IMF says.

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