Saturday, 10 December 2011

Scotiabank 缩紧投资类房产按揭贷款


[Scotiabank tightens mortgage lending rules for rental units]
December 09, 2011
Scotiabank has long been an investor-friendly lender. But recently, Scotia Mortgage Authority (SMA) made its rental financing program notably more restrictive.
SMA now:
1. Limits borrowers to five rental properties, including those financed elsewhere (there was no official limit previously)
2. Restricts rental mortgages to 5-year closed terms (fixed or variable)
3. Upcharges the rate for rental deals (whereas before it didn’t)
On a positive note, SMA says it has loosened its net worth requirement on rental applications (which is now 10% of each property’s value, up to $50,000 per property).
Apart from the reasoning above, Calum says the changes may also be risk-driven.
“There is a growing concern that there is a potentially unhealthy demand for residential real estate investments,” he said.
“The changes signal a clear indication that Scotiabank has a decreased appetite for real estate investors who have significant exposure to the residential real estate investment market.”
“People will generally allow themselves to become delinquent on (default on) investment property mortgage payments before they will allow themselves to default on their principal residence mortgage payments—for the simple reason that people put priority on basic shelter needs.”
“Clearly having one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the country tightening up credit to this group is not good news for the segment in the short term.”
个人认为,继Scotiabank 之后,我们将在数月内见到加拿大其他主要银行跟进,拉高买房(尤其是投资房) 的门槛,以求减低银行本身在房价下跌情况下的风险。

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