Tuesday, 13 December 2011

多伦多资深realtor 在CityTV 预测明年房价将开始大跌,已套现所有房产,改为租房

有25年经验的多伦多资深realtor Raza Kizilbash, 12月12日 在CityTV 预测明年开始房价将大跌, 跌幅他预测为25%. 

"This is a catastrophe about to happen, that's why I'm worried that people who have properties, they're going to lose big time."

Raza has a number of listings here in the beach area, he's starting to notice more and more "New Price" (Reduced Price) signs.

He had to drop one property from 575k to 450k in order to sell it.

December 12, 2011
CityNews anchor and reporter Tom Hayes talks to one long-time Toronto real-estate agent who is forecasting a stormy future when it comes to housing prices.


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