Thursday 28 June 2012

Richmond 地产经纪在房贷新政公开前便发表的负面报告

以下为Richmond 地产经纪James Wong 在6月16日 (在财长Flaherty 发表房贷新政之前几天) 发表的五月份列治文地产报告。

The total active listings for the 3 types of homes in Richmond now surpassed the highest listings registered in September, 2008.
总房源已大于史上最高点 - 2008年9月

The supply of homes in Richmond at the end of May at 9.08 months edged higher compared to the previous month’s figure at 8.07 months of inventory.
五月份已达9个月滞销,高过四月份8个月的滞销。 (大于6个月即为买方市场)

Daily price reductions are common as sellers adjust their selling prices to try to sell their homes.

Similarly, detached homes are having a tougher time to attract home buyers especially for detached homes that are over $900,000. 

Homes over $1,300,000 and new homes that are over $1.80 million are not selling well. With current level of supply, price erosion is evident when more sellers are reducing their prices, and transaction prices are trending down.
大于$1.3M 的独立屋 及大于$1.8M 的新房卖得不好。 以现在的滞销情况看来,房价已明显下跌。 愈来愈多的屋主开始减价求售。

There are 566 homes over $1,200,000 listed for sale in Richmond. With past 3 months average sale of 32 units, there are now 17.7 months supply of homes. 
目前列治文有556间大于 $1.2M 的房求售,但是这三个月来这类房每月只卖出32户。 造成现在有17.7个月 (一年半)的该类滞销房源。

Some seller’s who must sell will have to resort to much deeper price cut to sell their homes.

。。。而且,在6月底Richmond 将见近14个月的房源 (远大于五月份的9个月房源)