Monday, 25 June 2012

Moody's: "加国为了避免房市在未来硬着陆的房贷新政,可能已经太迟了"

加国人民负债量早已超过安全额度。 加国政府上周为了让房市"软着陆/慢漏气"而推出的新政,可能已经来不及避开房市"硬着陆"。

Mortgage changes ‘may be too late’: Moody’s
  Jun 25, 2012 – 4:07 PM ET 
Last week’s mortgage changes unveiled by regulators and the federal government are positive for Canada’s banks, but “may be too late to avoid a housing correction,” according to analysts at Moody’s Investors Service.
In a weekly credit outlook report published Monday, Moody’s analysts William Burn and Andriy Stepanyants said shorter loan amortization periods should immediately cool home sales by requiring increased monthly payments.
“However,” the analysts note, ” the government’s moves may have come too late, owing to the build-up in consumer debt that has already occurred.” In addition, slowing growth in household disposable income will be a challenge for consumers trying to pay down their debts, they said.

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