Thursday, 21 June 2012

加国财长明日将从4个方向紧缩房贷: 1.停止30年贷款 2..

1. 房贷最长偿还期从30年缩减为25年
2. Re-finance 时可借的数量,从85%降至80%
3. 中止(高度杠杆)贷款大于100万
4. 借款债务比例将设定上限:39%

6月21日早晨 财长Flaherty 将在记者会上公开所有细节

Mortgage rules to be tightened further by Ottawa
Amortization rules, home equity borrowing limits to be more strict
Jun 20, 2012 9:07 PM ET

The government announced Wednesday it will reduce the maximum amortization period for a government-insured mortgage, lowering it from 30 to 25 years, and also drop the upper limit that Canadians can borrow against their home equity from 85 per cent to 80 per cent.

Ottawa will announce two other changes, according to a source. It will no longer allow high-ratio mortgages over $1-million, and it will cap the gross debt service (which looks at a consumer’s total debt payments as a percentage of their income) at 39 per cent. While many banks tend not to allow mortgages over 40 per cent, there had been no official rule in place.

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