Monday, 19 March 2012

ING 今日停止"低证明"贷款计划

ING贷款公司今日起中止了"Low Doc" 低证明贷款计划。 此计划原是针对自雇或无收入证明的贷款申请者而成立的。

ING副总Martin Beaudry 说,ING要按照"金融稳定协会" (Financial Stability Board, 为世界性跨国机构)的指示,开始严格化贷款申请规则。  他还指出,ING近来受到非常多的 Low Doc 低证明贷款申请,而这类房贷需要ING提供太多的资产来担保,造成公司太大负担。

大傻翻译: 又一个房贷公司退出了高风险借贷服务。银行们开始发现及试着面对加拿大房地产泡沫的危机。房贷继续慢慢缩紧。 而若财长Flaherty 在月底发表打房政策, 及

联邦金融管理单位发表 房贷管理条款则会代表宽松房贷政策easy money时代的结束。

March 19, 2012

ING Shelves its “Low Doc” Mortgage

“ING Direct is cancelling its “Express Income Qualifier” (EIQ) mortgage.
It’s the latest bank to pull back on conventional non-income qualified mortgages. This is a trend that became more pronounced earlier this year as word broke that regulators were becoming increasingly concerned with these products.
It was getting a “disproportionate amount of applications<” for this product.
Non-income qualifying mortgages are more capital-intensive and ING was unable to bulk insure all these files to keep funding costs down.”

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