Sunday 11 March 2012

Baby Boomer 战后婴儿潮老年化卖房潮无可避免, 有够多人接棒吗?

美国Washington Post 警告,战后婴儿潮从去年已经渐渐步入65岁退休年龄,卖房潮无可避免。

大傻翻译: 房市将面临长久的供过于求的时代。

Baby boomers will be selling their homes, but will their children want to buy them?

As home-owning baby boomers age, they’ll eventually be leaving their homes. But it’s unclear whether the next generation will be eager or willing to buy them, according to a new paper from the Bipartisan Policy Center. As John Pitkin and Dowell Myers wrote in 2008,“The sell-off of seniors’ former housing creates a potential supply that will potentially exceed younger adults’ effective demand.”

Babyboomers will be vacating more homes than they occupy as they move into nursing homes, move in with their children, or pass away over the next two decades. They’re expected to release a net total of as many as 26 million housing units by 2030, according to the report. And young people might not be willing or able to buy new homes.


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