Tuesday, 6 March 2012

房产协会再预测: BC今年房市将"大幅"下跌

加拿大房产协会(Canadian Real Estate Association) 3月5日公布的报告预测BC房地产均价在2012年见到4%跌幅, 远高于加拿大全国1.1%的跌幅。 

B.C. prices to drop sharply this year: report

B.C. home prices are headed south this year before rising slightly in 2013, according to a quarterly forecast by the Canadian Real Estate Association.

The forecast average drop of four per cent – the biggest decline in the country and far steeper than the 1.1-per-cent forecast drop nationally – will bring the average price of a residential B.C. property down to $539,100 from $561,300 in 2011.


4%就叫做 "大幅"? 地产协会实在太习惯房价不断上涨了 : )

但说真的,GF还真不习惯主流媒体与地产协会这几个月来都开始改口,说要看跌房市。 GF还蛮想念近一年前与各大媒体/地产局唱反调的日子。。。比较有挑战性

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