Thursday 22 March 2012

CMHC担保房贷将从今年起缩紧50%-75%。 Easy Money 时代已告结束。

以下为GF在今日中午在另一个论坛发表的评论, 说明CMHC加拿大房贷公司将在未来4年以极大幅度下调所背书的房贷数量,以避免突破法定的 $600Billion 上限 。 比起2008-2011年,CMHC在2012年将减少所保险的房屋贷款by 50%, 而在2013-2016年, 每年CMHC背书的房贷将减少75%。
Easy Money 时代已告结束。政府看来将加快步出10年来不断金援房市的一贯作风。

GF @ 1pm PST posted: 
So CMHC is predicting a growth of its portfolio from $557B in 2012 to $588B in 2016.
in 2008 CMHC’s cap was increased to $450B
by 2011 year-end it was $541B, an increase of ~30B/year
now it’s forecasting 2012 to be $557B, an increase of $16B/year
from 2012-2016, it’s forecasting a rise to 588B, or $7.75B/year
From 30B/year to 7.75B/year. This rationing’s gonna hurt. real. bad.

Globe & Mail 在6小时后发表同样新闻

Canada’s mortgage body moves to slow booming housing market

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. has signalled it will dramatically curtail its growth in the mortgage market in the coming years in an effort to cool Canada’s sizzling housing sector.
Documents released by the Crown corporation this week show CMHC expects to increase mortgage insurance over the next few years at only a fraction of the pace seen recently.
CMHC is in many ways the engine of the entire housing market. It backstops risk in the sector by providing insurance on mortgages and helps banks keep loans flowing while holding down the cost of financing a new home. By forcing CMHC to shrink the growth of its insurance portfolio, Ottawa is placing a damper on the flow of mortgage credit in the years ahead.
CMHC’s insurance portfolio has soared by hundreds of billions of dollars in recent years, and is expected to be well beyond $500-billion this year. 

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