Thursday, 22 March 2012

HSBC 中止所有加拿大消费者信贷产品,裁员500

CIBC 旗下的Firstline Mortgage 也正在停业/找寻新买主。
GF: 莫非加拿大的银行与金融机构已预见加国房贷市场暗淡的未来?

HSBC Canada exits consumer finance, lays off 500

TORONTO, March 21 - The Canadian arm of HSBC Bank will wind down its consumer finance business and lay off about 500 employees after failing to find a buyer for the unit. 

HSBC Canada's consumer finance business is the legacy business of Household International, which the bank acquired in 2003 and has already wound down in the United States and United Kingdom. In Canada, it operates under the HSBC Finance banner on a standalone basis from HSBC Bank branches.
HSBC said the unit will shut offices and cease taking loan applications as soon as practical, but that the business will continue to service and collect its existing receivable loans.

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