Thursday, 5 April 2012


减少了 8900 全职 , 增加了7200 兼职
BC省失业率从6.9% 上升至 7%

大傻:  BC过度依赖房地产与伐木业的经济, 在世界(尤其中国)经济不振的情形下, 值得担忧

Canadian job growth soars in March, but slips in B.C.

OTTAWA — Canada's economy gained a surprisingly robust 82,300 jobs in March, with the unemployment rate edging down to 7.2 per cent, Statistics Canada said Thursday.

The jump in employment last month — led by full-time private-sector hiring — follows a loss of 2,800 positions in February, which had pushed the jobless rate to 7.4 per cent.

British Columbia was the only Western Canadian province to lose jobs in March, posting a loss of 1,700 jobs from February.

The province lost 8,900 full time jobs, which was only made up by an increase in 7,200 part-time jobs, according to Statistics Canada figures released this morning.

B.C.'s unemployment rate increased slightly to 7 per cent in March from 6.9 per cent in February.

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