Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Richmond realtor James Wong's Nov report

Outspoken Richmond realtor James Wong just released his November report

Key quotes from James Wong this month:
- "Richmond detached homes are expected to suffer the most in price erosion."
- "2013 will be another difficult year for Richmond" 

Richmond Stats bits:
- SFH at 12.2 months of inventory (MOI) 

  • SFH > $1.0M: 16.4 MOI
  • SFH > $1.5M: 24.4 MOI

- Condos at 9.9 MOI
- Town Houses at 8.2 MOI

Jan 1st, 2012 Total Inventory (all types) in Richmond: 1655
Projected Jan 1st, 2013 Total Inventory in Richmond: 1950 (+18% YoY)

"The absence of home buyers, dampened market sentiment, and tightened lending rules are expected to continue into 2013. The current MOI though better than the past 2 months, will likely be reversed when more new listings hit the market the next few weeks."
"There are no signs of the Government changing or relaxing the current lending directives to Canadian Banks. Richmond’s market for 2013 is expected to have persistently high number of homes for sale and below average buying interest."
列治文11月数据 (数据来源: 地产经纪 James Wong)

2012年11月独立屋滞销度为12个月 (明显买方市场)
大于 $1.0M: 16.4个月滞销 (明显买方市场)
大于 $1.5M: 24.4个月滞销 (明显买方市场)

2012年初列治文总房源为1655。而列治文2013年初房源将接近1950, 等于+18% 的增幅。

2013年,买方不足,信心缺乏,房贷还紧。 列治文2013房市将继续深入买方市场,房价将继续下调。

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