Thursday, 20 December 2012

2012-Q3: BC pop growth 8 year low. Worse inter-provincial outflow. Immigrant Investor -54% YoY

BC 2012-Q3 人口成长率8年来新低。省际净移出加剧。投资移民同比减54%

BC Population Highlights 2012-Q3 刚出炉
官方报告PDF 见此

Investor Class 从去年Q3 的 1149 降至 529 (-54%) - (PDF第6页)
家庭团聚 从去年Q3 的 2636 降至 2263 (-14%)
总BC landing移民: 从去年Q3 的 9882 降至 8476 (-14%)

省际迁移从去年Q3的 -802 恶化至 -2748. - (PDF最后一页左侧)

人口成长率 (Annual growth rate) 不断下降 - (PDF最后一页右侧)
2005Q3: +1.1%
2006Q3: +1.2%
2007Q3: +1.7%
2008Q3: +1.7%
2009Q3: +1.7%
2010Q3: +1.5%
2011Q3: +1.0%
2012Q3: +0.9%

2012-Q3 及历史BC人口变动 

(最右侧数据点为 2012-Q3)
source: housing-analysis.blogs...-2012.html

12月19日讯: 移民新政将注重1。年纪轻 2。英文好 3。学历证明

New immigration points system will favour younger workers, language skills
Dec 19, 2012
The government is seeking to make youth and language proficiency a bigger priority for both principal applicants and their spouses. Under the new system, the government will also award more points for Canadian work experience and would-be newcomers will have to have their education credentials assessed before arriving in Canada.

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