Thursday, 3 January 2013

Battle of Vancouver: CONDO - Dec 2012

Dec 2012 Condo Battle Map:

- Bear Forces forcefully claimed highly strategic Richmond
- Bear Forces now control the entire pacific waterfront and YVR airport, cutting off Bull's access to HAM (Hostile Asian Mercenaries)
  - North Vancouver Bull Forces are being decimated from 6 tanks down to 1.  It may be next to fall.
- Bear Forces however lost Langley & Burnaby East to Bulls.
  - Burnaby East was +5.8% MoM, +7.2% in 3mo. Likely just a transient counter-attack.

* Areas with Positive Year-over-year HPI are controlled by Bulls. 
* Areas with Negative Year-over-year HPI are controlled by Bears.
* Each 1% = One Tank.

Nov 2012 Condo Battle Map:

vs Oct 2012 Condo Battle Map:

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