Thursday 5 July 2012

温哥华太阳报: "买方市场不代表是买房时机 - 再等一等,价位必跌"

第一次看见在太阳报这一等级的主流媒体 (大量资金来自地产经纪/开发商广告) 刊登如此看跌房市的新闻。

A buyer’s market, or wishful thinking?

It takes more than just a greater supply of homes to entice homebuyers to enter market

" Just because the real estate industry has heralded a buyer’s market, doesn’t mean it’s time to buy."


" A stock market investor would likely wait for the market (or the share price) to bottom out before laying down hard-earned (or borrowed) cash to add to his or her portfolio. Again, a homebuyer would be well advised to follow that example."


" Eventually, tighter mortgage rules, high household debt, rising interest rates, overbuilding of condominiums and townhomes, and a slowdown in offshore investment will begin to bite and prices should start to decline.


" One can understand the real estate industry’s hope for a buyer’s market — its members need sales to earn a living. But existing conditions in Vancouver, and other places in B.C., constitute a buyer’s market only if money is no object."

我们可以了解,地产经纪鼓吹所谓"买方市场"一词,是为了刺激买方出手买房,进而赚中介费,赚钱养家。 但是目前事实上的房市状况,完全不是应该买房的时机 (除非你不在意多花钱)。

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