Wednesday 4 July 2012


Time to Cash Out:
Is the Vancouver real estate market heading for another crash?

I’m a REALTOR and I sold my own home 4 weeks ago.  It wasn’t too big or too small.  It’s only 6 years old and still feels new.  I sold because in 6 months my home will be worth less than it is today.  I think its time to cash out Let me explain.....

To ignore the truth doesn’t change the truth.  And so it is in the Vancouver real estate lately.  Far too often the real estate industry, of which I am obviously a part, makes excuses for slow sales periods, declining prices and difficult negotiations.  These excuses are self serving.  The facts are simple; real estate is easier to sell when prices are going up, realtors are happier when more houses are selling and open houses are more fun when buyers come to look.  However, the good times pass like the bad ones do.  I would suggest that good times have passed in the Vancouver real estate market, at least for the foreseeable future。。.    

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