Thursday, 24 October 2013

Kelowna mansion auctioned off, comes with free Lambo

From one of my contacts:

This luxurious Kelowna mansion was auctioned off today (see Auction Site Here)

Built: 2008
Listing Price (2008): $5,900,000
Listing Price (2013): $4,350,000 (May/13)
Assessed Value (2013):$3,780,000
Auction Date: Oct 24, 2013
Winning Bid: $3,500,000
Winning bidder got “house, a free Lamborghini, $250k of furniture, and $200k of beautiful art as part of the deal!”

 I don’t know what the purchase price was back in 08 (if it was sold then), but this was the listing back in 2008, the year it was built.
It was called “San Marc Tuscany Villa” and was “previously owned as a second residence“.
If the original owner paid anything close to the original asking price of $5.9M back in 2008 for this vacation home, he’s short $2.4M, a lambo, and “$450k worth of furniture & art.”

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