Saturday, 18 May 2013

Richmond Seller to Lease-back - why?

$1,788,000 - 10531 Southdale Road, Richmond 

5 Bedrooms 5 Full Bathrooms 1 Half Bathroom 3,760 Sq Ft 8,226 Sq Ft Lot Built 2010

3 year old like new home by original owner...
Subject to a written argeement (THIS) Seller will lease back for full 2 years guaranteed $3300 per month and will pay full rent on completion or month to month your choice.

Looks like This seller-lease-back deal provides a better ROI:
$1,350,000 – 5434 164th Street, Surrey
Seller is willing to lease back property for two years for $5,000 per month.

Or This
$1,488,888 – 7181 264 Street, Langley
“Seller willing to lease back the whole facility and house for $7500 per month for 3 years with option to renew.”

Beats $1,788,000 @ $3300/m rent in Richmond

1 comment:

  1. Trying to think of why I might do this. I suppose if I needed the cash for something else, or I was having trouble proving to the bank my income, it would make sense.

    $7500 is price-rent of 200. That's actually not entirely bad.

    $3300/mo sounds like someone wants to do the much-coveted swap from ownership to a (cheaper) rental, with security of tenure.