Tuesday, 12 March 2013

FP: Moody’s analysis contemplates 44% drop in Canadian housing prices

Moody's 信评机构: 加国房市最坏打算见 44% 跌幅

13/03/12 2:01 PM ET

A severe economic shock, such as the kind that hit Japan in the early 1990s and California and Nevada in 2006, would have to knock Canadian housing prices down by 44% to cause securities linked to Canadian mortgages to lose the highest ratings assigned by Moody’s Investors Service.
一个严重的经济冲击,可能让加国房价下跌44%, 负面影响房贷证卷评级。 

“As with Australia, Spain and the U.K., we expect house prices in Canada to suffer the most due to the misalignment of current house prices with historic fundamentals,” Moody’s said.
Moody's 认为加拿大的房市,如同澳洲,西班牙,及英国,会受到最重大的创伤, 因为房价与经济基础脱离太远了。

In Canada, the growth in house prices over the past 10 years has ‘’far outstripped” the growth in incomes, according to Moody’s.

“Think of it like an elastic [being stretched],” explains Mr. Connor of National Bank Financial. “The snap back is going to be a lot harder.”

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