Saturday 3 November 2012

Global TV: The presale condo market is dying in Vancouver

Global BC 电视台晚间新闻: 温哥华楼花市场"濒死"

Global BC News Hour - Condo Pre-Sales
Fri, Nov 2 - People aren't lining up for condo pre-sales the way they used to.

"The presale condo market is dying in Vancouver"

"One of Vancouver's top realtors says there is no incentive right now to buy a presale condo in Vancouver."
"If you look back a year or two ago.. everything was 10% overpriced, now that the market has dipped about 5-10%, now we're seeing maybe a 20% gap in presale [prices]."
温哥华著名地产经纪说,"现在没有理由买大温楼花。 一两年前楼花比市价高估了10%, 现在市场已跌了5-10%, 造成楼花有20%的价差"

"You gotta remember you're not going to get possession of a presale in 3-4 years. You don't have any security whether you can get a mortgage at that time. You don't know what the mortgage rate will be in 3-4 years. Unless you can stand this kind of risk, you should not be in the pre-sale market"
律师: "你必须了解你在三四年后才能拿到盖好的楼花。在这期间,你没有保证那时是否能拿到贷款。你不知道那时候利率是多少。 除非你有庞大的承受风险能力,否则你不该现在进入楼花市场"

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