Thursday, 4 October 2012

BMO: 大多市场在08年衰退后再次步向"买方市场"

Toronto housing heads for buyers' market, first time since slump: BMO
updated Thursday, Oct. 04 2012, 7:02 PM

Here’s the bottom line on Toronto’s housing market from Robert Kavcic at BMO Nesbitt Burns: Toronto is on its way to becoming a buyers’ market for the first time since the slump.

BMO 分析师 Robert Kavcic 今日公开指出,"大多房市动态现明确呈现: 房市已步向买方市场。

the signs are clear, particularly in the condo market, which has been a major area of concern and where sales lost 27 per cent. Standard detached homes sank by 19 per cent.

迹象十分明显, 尤其是大多公寓市场。 此市场早已处于高风险状态, 本月其成交量已下跌27%。 而独立屋成交量下跌19%。

Prices climbed, by 8.6 per cent on average, but that’s bound to change.
均价上升了8.6%, 但是这情况注定会扭转。

“With new listings up 4 per cent year over year against a backdrop of falling sales, and with plenty of potential resale condo supply coming over the next year, Toronto is quickly heading for buyers’ market territory for the first time (depending on your definition) since the recession,” Mr. Kavcic said.
新上市量增加了4%, 成交量相对减少, 而未来即将上市的房源蓄势以待, 多伦多正在以迅速的步伐迈向2008年经济衰退后第一次的买方市场。

GF: "买方市场"这词实在不理想,买方市场不代表买房时机,只是说明供过于求,买方缺少, 造成卖方降价压力开始增加的一个阶段。

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