Monday, 13 August 2012

Thanks again for donations; China may further tighten RE policy

First of all, my sincere thanks to Mr/s X. Zhou of Vancouver for the repeat donations!
Your support, whether financial or non-financial, keeps me going and going!




China may impose new property curbs as early as August
Premier Wen Jiabao has said the government will remain steadfast on the property controls it began introducing in April 2010 to ensure housing remains affordable. 

China may set new property controls as early as this month after the central government’s inspection team returns to Beijing and the government has some room to impose new curbs if necessary, including raising the transaction tax on existing homes and expanding a property tax trial, the source said.


大温地区8月成交量继续放缓,大幅少于2011。 但放缓程度可能比不过08年8月 (除非8月剩下这3周平均每日销售少于66间房)。 今年8月成交量看来会是12年来第二低。

本月初有两间特高价位的单位成交,有可能把本月的均价拉高。  但中位价及指标价可能继续下跌。

本月的房源滞销率 (以月计)将继续恶化。更深入买方市场。


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