Friday, 28 March 2014

Estimated March 2014 Sales data

Estimated Mar/14 month-end official stats:
Sales: 2640 (+12% YoY) (Feb/14 was +41% YoY)
Inventory: 14450
Months of Inventory: 5.5 (was 5.3 in Feb)
Only other time Mar MOI> Feb MOI was in 2008 (4.8 vs 4.3)

Greater Van 10Y March Avg Sales: 3362
Est. March Sales: 2640 (-21% vs 10Y)
(Feb/14 was -3.8% vs 10Y)
(Jan/14 was +5.9% vs 10Y)

Looks like a disappointing March.  If the sales malaise continues, does not bode well for the Spring market.

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