Thursday, 9 January 2014

加币如预测继续贬值 / CAD Continues its descent, as expected

GF 早在2012年就看空澳币及加币

在加币兑美金过par 时 (2012下半年),GF 已把过半 当时手上的加币换为美金。
总投资portfolio 在2013年初 约60%为美金/美股

澳币从2012年春已对美金下跌了 18%。
加币从2012年底对美金已跌了 11%
GF 继续看跌加币,且将在未来加币短期回涨的时机购入更多美金。


Brief Translation:
As early as early 2012 I had been bearish on AUD and CAD.

Back when CADUSD>1.00, I had already converted over 50% of my cash/investment holdings into USD.  As of early 2013, 60% of my entire investment portfolio was in USD.

Since Spring 2012, AUDUSD had already declined 18% vs USD
Since Late 2012, CADUSD had already declined 11% vs USD

I continue to be mid-term bearish on CAD and plan to purchase more USD when opportunities arise down the road.

If you are an owner of investment properties in Vancouver, and are also at least mid-term bearish on CAD, you should know what to do next.

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