Tuesday, 13 August 2013

August 1-13 Stats

Aug 1-13: 2013 vs 2012:
Sales: +42%
New List: +13%
Inventory: -6%
Aug 1-13 Inventory growth:
2012: 18708->18788 (+0.4%)
2013: 17441->17621 (+1.0%)
Inventory increasing at higher rate than last year
New Listings YoY change
Aug: +13% (vs ’12)
Jul: +11%
Jun: -13%
May: -18%
Interesting to see New Listings picking up pace.
It could mean a few things
A. Sellers trying to catch the end of RE boom.
B. According to some realtors, the main demographic driving Vancouver-proper sales lately are existing home-owners taking advantage of low rate-holds to trade up/down. In order to buy, they have to list first.
If I have to bet, I’ll bet
- Sales noticeably drop off by mid/late September
- Peak inventory occurs in September/October this year.

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