Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Battle of Vancouver: May 2013 SFH Battle Update

Now that tax season and vacations are over and done with, we head back to the Battlefield!

May 2013 SFH Battle Update:
- Fraser River turned crimson with Bovine blood as the REBGV Bulls failed to defend their Last Stand in Coquitlam.  The Bear Army pressed forward and took control of North Surrey for the first time in this War.
- The Bears diverted their main attack forces in Van West & Richmond to solidify control of outskirts such as West Van, Burnaby, Ladner, Poco & Tsawwassen.
The following Bull Territories are facing imminent defeat: Surrey.

May 2013 SFH Battle Map:

Feb/Mar 2013 SFH Battle Map:

Jan 2013 SFH Battle Map:
Dec 2012 SFH Battle Map:

Nov 2012 SFH Battle Map:

Oct 2012 SFH Battle Map

* Areas with Positive Year-over-year HPI are controlled by Bulls. 
* Areas with Negative Year-over-year HPI are controlled by Bears.
* Each 1% = One Tank.

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