Sunday 17 February 2013

More adjustment to come in home prices: Carney

Globe & Mail: 
More adjustment to come in home prices: Carney

Published Sunday, Feb. 17 2013

The correction underway in Canadian house prices is likely to persist for another two years, warns Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney.

“We’ve seen the adjustment in the housing market. We think there’s a bit more to come over the next couple of years,” Mr. Carney told CTV’s Question Period in an interview broadcast Sunday.

央行总裁 Mark Carney 周日表示, "我们已经见到了房市(下跌)的改变, 我们认为未来几年还会继续如此。"

Mr. Carney said rapidly rising prices experienced in Canada over the past decade are “certainly not normal” and Canadians shouldn’t count on home prices to be their main source of wealth gains.

Carney说,过去10年房市的迅速涨幅"当然不是正常的", "加拿大人不应该把房地产当作自己主要的财富来源。"

Real wealth is built through innovation, and it’s gained through hard work,” Mr. Carney explained in an interview taped before this weekend’s G20 finance ministers and central bankers meeting in Moscow. “It’s not through some magical asset inflation.”

他还说 "真正的财富是经由创新及努力而获得的。 财富不会经由投资房地产,像变魔术般地冒出来了。"

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