Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Good reads: 1. World's over-valued housing 2. Canadian labor hit by wave of layoffs 3. Canada Post cuts jobs

“Based on their analysis, anyone in the market for property might want to avoid Toronto or Vancouver. On the other hand, if you can get around Japan’s restrictions on foreign investment, an apartment in Tokyo looks like a steal.”
“Although the Deutsche team doesn’t delve into them, it’s not hard to think of some key reasons for these differences. Canada, for example, is very open to foreign investors, which means that in an age of unprecedented global liquidity cash-rich wealthy individuals who are looking for places to park their excess funds can do so in its housing market far more easily than in Japan, with its closed system. ”
“These data also underscore the dilemmas central banks face in various countries. Canada’s, for example, is grappling with a slowdown in its economy and a worrying stagnation in consumer prices that’s raising the risk of deflation. But sky-high house valuations make it difficult for the Bank of Canada to cut rates to spur aggregate demand. A similar problem exists in Australia”

2. Globe & Mail: Canadian labour hit by wave of layoffs, plant closings 

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